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Jlevi-StreetWerks.com Return Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Sale

Jlevi-StreetWerks.com guarantees your satisfaction. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the products that they purchase. All sales on this website are denominated in US dollars are purchased from Jlevi-StreetWerks or associated companies. Below, you will find our policies for sales, shipping, warranty and returns.

Refused Items or Undeliverable Items

If any shipment is not accepted by the receiver for any reason, including but not limited to, package refusal, incomplete or incorrect address, unavailability to receive package, non-payment for duty/tax for international orders, the carrier will return the package back to us. If this happens, one of two things may occur:

  1. If we are notified while the product is on its way back to us and you are able to contact us during this process, we can have it rerouted back to you. In this case we would charge you the actual fees we are charged by the carrier for the redirection, readdressing, and redelivery. This could be free, but is usually charged at $10 to $20 or more (for USA and Canadian orders, International order shipping charges will vary) depending on the speed of service chosen at checkout and where the package is when we are able to contact the carrier. We only charge you the actual fees that we are charged.
  2. If the product is fully returned to our Canadian head office, a fee equal to the cost of return shipping and any carrier handling, warehousing, customs, duty, brokerage, taxes, other fees will be charged to the customer before reshipment of the goods. Alternatively, if the customer elects to have a refund, this amount will be deducted from the refund. In some cases, refunds may also be subject to a 20% restocking fee. When applicable, the warehousing and handling fees and return shipping fees charged to us by the carrier often exceeds $30. We will only charge the fees that we are actually charged by the carrier.

Address Changes

Please ensure that the shipping address that you provide when checking out is fully accurate including proper zip code or postal code, business name (if applicable) and apartment/unit number (if applicable). If an error is detected before the product ships from our warehouse, please put your order on hold as instructed in the email sent immediately after ordering and contact our customer service department with the corrected address immediately. Address changes will be done on a best effort basis at no cost. Depending on the shipping method chosen at checkout, it may be possible to change an address after a package has shipped. If this is possible, a service charge of USD $15 or equivalent must be paid for the package to be redirected. If you have chosen a shipping method which does not offer a redirection service, then our only choice will be to wait for the product to be returned to our warehouse if it is not accepted at the original address.

Order Cancellations / Changes

In order for us to offer speedy order processing times, many order processing steps are automated. Immediately when you place your order, your order is printed in our warehouse for packing soon afterwards, possibly outside of customer service business hours. It is not always possible to change or cancel an order after it is placed so please order carefully. If changes are required to an order, you can send an email to customer service by clicking the 'CONTACT' link on each www.Jlevi-StreetWerks.com webpage or by phoning us at 888-JLEVI-SW. Please note that from time to time, for whatever reason we may not receive your call, email or voicemail before the product ships. Any messages left for us requesting cancellations whether sent by email or voice mail will be processed on a best effort basis only. We will not be responsible for refunding shipping charges should an item ship because we did not receive your message or you were not able to successfully contact us. Once received, items may be returned or exchanged as per our policies below. If a product ships that you do not want, DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENT when the carrier attempts delivery.

Backordered Items

We hate backordered items just as much as our customers do, therefore we keep thousands of items in stock at all times. Larger than anticipated sales or manufacturer stock levels on certain items occasionally result in a product being backordered. Our online ordering system and shopping cart will show you real time stock availability of most items before you place your order. Products that are out of stock at the time of ordering are automatically extended a 10% discount. (Please note that while every effort is made in keeping our online inventory system up to date, on rare occasions, it may be inaccurate and in these cases, we apologize for the inconvenience and will extend a 10% discount to you should your items be reported as in stock but actually be backordered. Orders will be shipped automatically when the backordered product(s) come into stock. Please note that there is no compensation for shipping or inconvenience on backordered items as they are already discounted 10% on checkout. Orders that contain both in stock and backordered items that are expected to be in stock in a short amount of time will be held and shipped together. Orders that contain in stock and backordered items that are expected to be in stock in a longer amount of time will have in stock items shipped immediately and backordered items shipped by ground when the backordered products come into stock. The duration of time before we split a shipment will depend on the cost to ship two packages and the shipping amount paid. Cancellations for backordered items are accepted up to 45 days after the date the order was placed, after which time our credit card processor prevents us from processing refunds. After 45 days cancellations for backordered items are eligible for site credit only.

Price Matching

If another vendor has an identical product available, in stock, for a lower price including all shipping and taxes which may be applicable, please email our sales department with a copy of a competitors quote and we will attempt to match or beat this price. While the vast majority of the time we are normally able to do this, no guarantee or commitment can be made regarding our requirement to match any competitors price, however we are always looking for ways to satisfy our valued customers and will put forth our best effort in price matching.

Price Protection

If within 7 days after receipt of your item you find a competitor advertising the exact same in stock item for a lower price including shipping and any applicable taxes, we will put forth a good-faith, best-effort attempt to match this price wherever possible. If we are able to match a difference in price, the difference will be issued as a site credit. No guarantee or commitments are made to our matching of any competitors price.

International Orders - Duty And Taxes

Unless otherwise mentioned within the site, all products are shipped from USA and Canada. Customers within USA and Canada should not expect to see any duties, taxes or brokerage fees when ordering from Jlevi-StreetWerks.com. Customers from outside of these two countries, may have taxes imposed by the government in your country upon import. Please check with the customs office in your country regarding duties or taxes which may apply to your purchase. If your order has been shipped by UPS or FedEx, the brokerage charge is often included in the shipping cost for most countries, duties and taxes are separate and will be collected by the carrier on delivery. Jlevi-StreetWerks.com charges all appropriate Provincial Sales Taxes applicable to each Canadian province on checkout.

RMA numbers required for all returns

Before returning any products to Jlevi-StreetWerks.com, you must obtain an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) number by using our online form or contacting our customer service department. You will receive an RMA number via email from the automated RMA system once we have completed the approval process. If the email address you have listed on file is not in use, you can obtain a copy of your RMA instructions by contacting our Customer Service Department by phone or email. This RMA number MUST be written in large block letters on the outside of the box/envelope upon return. If your RMA is not clearly marked on the outside of your package, your return will not be accepted and will be marked RETURN TO SENDER.

Items must be sent back to the correct address

An address will be provided when your RMA is approved. This address MUST be used. Any products sent back to the return address marked on the shipping label will not be received by Jlevi-StreetWerks. The address provided is that of our broker, and they charge very significant fees to receive parcels on our behalf. In the event that the package is sent to this address we will either deduct from the refund or charge the customer the actual costs incurred for the receiving service, storage service, repacking service, paperwork processing service, and shipping fees to get the product to the proper address. This fee is never less than $50.

Items must be declared properly for customs purposes

Returns must be shipped to our location in Canada. Due to the international location of some of our customers, customs documentation will be necessary for returned shipments. Depending on your reasons for returning the products to us, you will receive instructions on how to declare the product for customs purposes. These instructions must be followed. If they are not followed correctly, and customs duties are charged, these charges will be deducted from any refund owing or will need to be reimbursed to us before a replacement is sent out.

Shipping Service Used

The address to which parts are returned is a PO box. FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other couriers cannot deliver to PO boxes. Your return MUST be shipped via the Post Office. If your shipment is sent any other way, it will be automatically rejected by the carrier and returned to you at your cost.

Shipping insurance is required

We cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected returns or returns that are damaged in shipment, so for your protection, we require that you insure all returns using a traceable shipping method when returning products to us. All expenses related to the return of goods to Jlevi-StreetWerks.com must be prepaid by the customer.

Tracking Numbers

All items MUST be returned back to us using a Post Office service that offers tracking numbers. This number can be used to confirm receipt at our warehouse and also to find the package in any case where it does not arrive when expected. In the event that an item is returned without a tracking number, we cannot be responsible in any way if the product does not arrive at our warehouse. Refunds or site credits are in no case issued until returned items have reached and been processed at our Canadian location. Due to the nature of Postal Services, we are unable to track returned items on your behalf.

Items must be returned in original condition

We are not able to accept for return, warranty service, replacement, refund, etc. any products which have been abused, modified, improperly installed, mishandled, improperly maintained, scratched, dented or otherwise damaged (including damage in return shipping). Any products returned to us for exchange or replacement must be received in perfectly resalable condition with all original packaging and associated parts in good condition. Exchanges or refund requests will be denied in all cases where non-resalable merchandise is received. In cases where merchandise is repairable, repackable or a replaceable part is damaged, a partial site credit or refund may be offered at our discretion. There is no option to return vinyl or decal products that have been already installed on a customer vehicle. Jlevi-StreetWerks will replace products that have a manufacturing defect only before application or use. We may, in some cases, choose to send a replacement product if you are placing an order for additional products within a reasonable time period. We cannot cover the costs of products that fail or any costs arising from DIY fitted products. The responsibility for ensuring adhesive products are fitted correctly lies with the customer and if you feel unable to fit these products correctly, seek professional assistance or contact us for a link to any instructions provided on our website.

Value of returned product will be adjusted if purchased at a discount

If items are supplied at a discount when purchased with another product, or if a free item is given with the purchase of an item being returned, or, if free or discounted shipping is offered at the time of sale, the amount to be refunded or credited will be the difference between the total order value and the full retail value without discounts of the unreturned items purchased on the order.

The sole obligation of Jlevi-StreetWerks.com, (including but not limited to its owners, operators, contractors, consultants, employees, etc.) under our warranty shall be repair, replacement, refund or site credit at our discretion. Jlevi-StreetWerks will not be responsible or liable for labour, or incidental or consequential damage of any kind. In no event shall our liability exceed the cost of the goods purchased.

Returns for refunds

For any return where an item is not resalable due to installation, damage, abuse, damage in transit from customer to Jlevi-StreetWerks, etc., we reserve the right to refuse the return, and product will be returned to the customer at his or her expense. If an item is being returned in perfect resalable condition, where customer requests a refund, an amount equal to all shipping costs related to the order (including any shipping costs as a result of exchange or warranty service), plus a restocking fee of 20% of the total order value will be deducted from the refund. All requests for refunds must be received within 30 days of the original date of purchase. All returns must be received at our Canadian head office within 45 days from the original date of purchase to be eligible for a refund. After this time, only site credit will be offered in exchange for returns. There is no restocking fee on exchanges or site credits. A refund or site credit will only be issued after the item is received at our Canadian head office. We have no control over carriers returning products for refund or exchange and all inquiries regarding tracking should be directed toward the carrier. We are unable to provide status updates on returns until the item has reached our office. Upon receipt, before a refund is made, the products will be inspected to ensure that they are fully resalable. If the product is damaged, or returned without all its parts, has any evidence of use, or for any other reason the product is deemed to be not resalable your refund request will be denied and the return will be sent back to you at your expense. Please Note: There are no refunds offered on custom made or custom manufactured items.

Returns For Warranty/ Service Replacement

Unless specifically stated at the time of purchase, we warranty all merchandise for a minimum of three months against defects in workmanship or materials for normal road use. Off-road, racing, extreme weather, damage from road debris, or other extraordinary uses are excluded. Longer warranties by the manufacturer, as noted in our product descriptions or during the ordering process may also be applicable. The warranty term in effect at the time of purchase shall be applicable to your items. Any claims for warranties offered by manufacturers outside of the first three months after the original date of purchase may be referred to the product manufacturer. For in-warranty items, you will receive a repaired or replacement product as soon as possible after your return is received by Jlevi-StreetWerks. You must request an RMA number before returning products for replacement or service. Warranty claims will be denied if there is any physical damage to the product which appears to be a result of misuse, modification, negligence, incorrect installation, removal or return shipping damage. The customer is responsible for return shipping charges in all cases where a replacement item is being shipped back to them. The warranty coverage period is calculated from the original date of purchase, not from when a replacement product was issued in the event more than one warranty claim is opened. Any warranty claim for a refund must be received within 30 days from the original date of purchase, otherwise, the only option will be for exchange or for a site credit. Upgraded shipping methods (overnight, 3 day etc.) are not covered by the warranty program and can only be added when additional carrier charges for these services are paid by the customer. Our warranties are non-transferrable and only apply to the original purchaser. Warranties cannot be transferred to different product lines. In some cases, you may be asked to provide pictures of defects or damages to assist in the warranty process. The sole obligation of Jlevi-StreetWerks.com, including but not limited to its owners, operators, contractors, consultants, employees, etc., under our warranty shall be repair, replacement or refund, at our discretion. Jlevi-StreetWerks.com will not be responsible or liable for labor, or incidental or consequential damage of any kind. In no event shall our liability exceed the cost of the defective goods purchased from us. If your returned parts are not covered under our warranty we will contact you and quote the cost of repair or replacement.

Shipping Compensation

In cases where the customer is in no way at fault for the receipt of the incorrect or damaged merchandise, Jlevi-StreetWerks.com may offer a prepaid return shipping label when possible. If it is not possible, we will offer you a site credit (which will far outweigh the postage charges) for the actual cost of postage to send the product back. You will need to provide a copy of a shipping receipt to be eligible for either form of compensation. No compensation will be offered if the product is sent via a courier service such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. If you are not at fault, please specify which compensation method you prefer in advance of shipping your item back as it requires approval through our returns department. Under no circumstances can we offer a cash refund for return shipping charges.

Returns Due To Incorrect Shipment

We make every effort to ensure that each shipment is picked, packed, and shipped carefully, however, occasionally, mistakes happen. Upon filling out our online RMA form, notifying us of the incorrectly shipped product, you will be assigned an RMA number and should return the incorrectly shipped product to us. Upon receipt at our Canadian location, we will ship your new product to you. We reserve the right to send a replacement as a resolution to any incorrect shipment before offering a refund. Returns due to incorrect ordering on the website are not considered an incorrect shipment and any shipping charges to exchange for the correct part are the sole responsibility of the customer. If you wish to receive your replacement part before we receive your return, you may purchase an identical product from our site and it will be shipped immediately. Once the original part gets back to us, we will refund the amount of the second transaction in full, including shipping. This is referred to a cross shipment in our returns system.

Returns Due To Mismatched Paint Colours

Our quality inspection methods ensure that only top quality painted parts are able to be shipped to our customers. Our paints are all mixed to BMW specifications or painted with OEM BMW paints. Depending on the factory your vehicle was produced at, the date of manufacture, the brand of paint used at BMW and the model year of the vehicle, your paint color may slightly differ from the standard paint color that BMW creates. Sitting side-by-side, two vehicles with slightly different paint colors would appear to be the same color, however, when parts are put together, occasionally slight differences in color may become evident. We will do our best to resolve the issue with you to ensure that the color is well matched to your vehicle. We ask that you obtain an RMA number, then return your product to us. We will compare to our stock in that color (most commonly we have several paint lots of the same color) and we will attempt to find you a replacement product either a bit darker or lighter than the parts you send back as you specify. As soon as a suitable replacement is found, we will send them to you. If you choose not to accept a replacement on any custom painted part, a 20% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. Alternatively, if we cannot find a suitable replacement, a full refund will be issued. For a full refund, your parts must be received back to us within 45 days from your original date of purchase. For items received after 45 days, returns are only eligible for 100% site credit.

Items Lost Or Damaged In Transit

Our quality inspection and packing methods are such that we protect our product while in transit. All items that ship are in good working order, however, rough handling by shipping companies occasionally causes damage to products. In cases like these, if we are notified within 5 days of the item being delivered to you, we will file a claim with the carrier on your behalf. Claims of damaged goods made after 5 days of product receipt cannot be processed. Items already installed on your vehicle will not be considered for transit damage claims. Once the claim is submitted to the carrier, you will have an obligation to also work with the carrier in any reasonable means necessary to help with the claim. As soon as we are able to get our claim paid, we can re-ship the parts to you. We reserve the right to send a replacement as a resolution to any lost or damaged in transit claims before offering a refund. If you wish to receive your replacement part before the claim is settled with the carrier, you may purchase an identical product from our site and it will be shipped immediately. Once a claim payment from the carrier is issued to us, we will refund the amount of the second transaction in full, including shipping.

Returns Due To DOA (Defective On Arrival or Damaged On Arrival)

If you receive a product that is damaged, is defective, or has a physical defect, you may request a return using the automated RMA system or by contacting our customer service department. During return shipping if any further damage occurs to the product, your exchange request will be denied. If there is any evidence of modification or evidence that a product being returned as DOA has been installed or damaged in transit, your exchange request will be denied. Your claim must be submitted to Jlevi-StreetWerks.com within 5 days of receipt. We reserve the right to send a replacement as a resolution to any DOA claim before offering a refund. If you wish to receive your replacement part before we receive your return, you may purchase an identical product from our site, and it will be shipped immediately. Once the original part gets back to us, we will refund the amount of the second transaction in full, including shipping. This is referred to a cross shipment in our returns system.

Returns Due To Customer Ordering Errors

We all make mistakes. If you have ordered an incorrect product, we would be happy to take it back for exchange. Fill out our online RMA form to obtain an RMA number and return shipping instructions. We will not charge a restocking fee, however, we will request that you pay shipping costs for sending the replacement product back to you. Please contact us for an accurate quote on shipping your replacement order. We can issue a secure payment request via email upon receipt of your return item for the shipping fee. If you wish to receive your replacement part before we receive your return, you may purchase an identical product from our site, and it will be shipped immediately. Once the original part gets back to us, we will refund the amount of the second transaction in full, NOT INCLUDING shipping.

Items Not Received

Products are shipped as soon as possible once an order is received. You will receive a notification email once your order is placed to let you know when your order should ship, although most products ship on the morning of the next business day if the order is received before 2pm EST. Items are shipped with expedited priority and traceability using the Postal or Courier service. Entire orders are not necessarily shipped together as certain products on this site are sent from different locations or may have different stock availability. Once shipped, delivery times can vary depending on location. Delivery is sometimes completed in as little as 3-5 business days for the northeastern US or most of Canada or as many as 5-10 business days for the south western USA. Due customs restrictions, some packages may be held at the border. All packages are sent as traceable. If you have not received your item within 21 days from the date your product was confirmed to ship and the item status has not been updated by the shipping company, please feel free to contact us for a status update.


Please ensure that when ordering our lighting products that you select the proper bulb kit and illumination color for your vehicle. We cannot accept returns on any non-LED lighting products due to their fragile nature for the following reason: "When a filament bulb is turned on for the first time, even for a moment, its filament becomes very brittle. This brittle filament generally will not survive the rough handling of the postal service during its return. Our DOA policy on lighting products provides you with replacement bulbs for any damaged, missing or defective bulbs upon arrival and for a period afterwards (as specified for each product individually). LED Bulbs and lighting products may be returned for Exchange if you ordered incorrectly.


Please ensure that when ordering electronics or software, that you select the correct application for your vehicle and review the options and application descriptions. We cannot accept returns on any electronic device that has been opened from it's original packaging or installed on your vehicle. There are no returns, credits or refunds accepted on software. Our DOA policy on electronics provides you with replacement for any damaged, missing, defective unit or component upon arrival and for a period afterwards (as specified for each product individually).

Carbon Fiber & FRP (Bumper & fender kits) Product Disclaimer:

NOTE: Like all Carbon Fiber and FRP products on the market, this product must be test fitted & prepped before installing it. Often, slight modifications are required such as trimming, sanding, filing, or smoothing the surface in order to get best fitment and appearance. This is NOT an OEM product, fitment will not always be perfect right out of the box. We recommend having this product installed by a professional that has experience working with aftermarket body kit pieces.


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