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Cobb AccessPort

Performance - Software Tuning

Device enables recalibration of sensors and manipulation of factory ECU. Capability to reflash segments in the computer that control engine function. ... learn more
Fits All BMW Vehicles
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No Tools, Anyone Can Install
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Product Details

Cobb AccessPort

Product Introduction

The AccessPORT is the device that enables recalibration of sensors and manipulation of data on the factory ECU. It provides the capability to reflash select segments of information that are stored in the computer that control engine function.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

Modern vehicles are very sensitive to performance modifications. Simply changing an intake can have a dramatic, even degrading effect on performance and driveability. This is because modern ECUs (Engine Control Units) use very precise sensors to collect data in order to calculate appropriate fuel, ignition and cam phasing responses. Modifying a vehicle with performance parts will most likely cause one or more sensors to be improperly calibrated, feeding erroneous data to the ECU and contaminating the response. This is why changing a part as simple as an intake or a panel filter can cause the engine to run too lean, too rich, or even stumble.

The AccessPORT is the device that enables recalibration of sensors and manipulation of data on the factory ECU. It provides the capability to reflash select segments of information that are stored in the computer that control engine function. These segments of data that are written to the ECU are collectively referred to as maps. Our engineers and calibration specialists create maps that modify sensor calibrations, lookup table values and algorithms to ensure that the ECU is receiving accurate information and responding in an appropriate way.

- New Stage2 and Stage2+FMIC maps for higher levels of modification and huge power gains

- New Drive, Sport and Aggressive maps to choose your power level

- New Stock, Linear and two Alternate Throttle Maps to tune response to your preference

- Impressive power gains are just a few clicks and a flash away.
Sophisticated logic of the OEM ECU remains intact, providing refined response, excellent driveability and precise control.

- Hand-held flashing lets you control what is stored on the ECU, when-ever and where-ever you want.

- Installs in just minutes through the OBD-II connector. No tools or other actions are necessary. Simply flash and drive.
Grows with your modifications by changing maps that match your mods.

- Select from Off-The-Shelf maps to match your modifications or take your BMW to a Pro Tuner for professional dyno calibration.
Uninstalls just as easily and returns ECU to stock configuration.
Conveniently data log sensor values for up to 10 hours to perform in-depth analysis without the need for bulky laptops or other equipment

- Vibrant-color, user-configurable auxillary gauge. Live Data lets you view real-time data from any of the data channels that can be data logged.

- Performane tools record 0-60mph times and 1/4 mile ET and Trap Speed. See real world impact of modifications and tuning changes.

- Intuitive DTC code reading provides the trouble code and a brief description to help diagnose issues easily. Reset the ECU to clear codes at your convenience.

COBB Tuning provides Off-The-Shelf (OTS) maps for the most common modifications made by performance enthusiasts. These OTS maps recalibrate the appropriate sensors and modify tables with more aggressive settings. The result is increased power output, improved response and better driveability, since all of the components are working together in harmony. It is the ultimate integration of performance and sophistication as the manufacturer's complex and precise engine management logic and ECU data integrity is retained.

The beauty of the AccessPORT is that it can continue to grow with additional modifications beyond the scope of the OTS maps. For more extreme modifications, COBB Tuning AccessTUNER software can be used to create custom tuned maps that match the modifications perfectly. COBB's extensive network of professional tuners are available to custom dyno tune any modification configuration. For those that want to take on the challenge of tuning their own vehicle, AccessTUNER Race is downloadable software with all of the tuning capabilities as used by our professional tuners


Automobile manufacturers spend enormous amounts of money on the research and development required to create the complex engine management systems that are found in modern vehicles. They put significant effort into sophisticated logic that controls power output, fuel efficiency, exhaust emissions, hardware protection, self diagnosis, etc. Modern Engine Control Units (ECUs) are very refined and ensure proper engine operation at all times; cold starting, warm starting, extreme heat or cold temperatures, many different fuel blends and a wide ranges of altitudes. The manufacturer even builds in contingency plans to protect the engine in the event of sensor failures or other component failures by limiting power output until the faults are rectified.

The AccessPORT seamlessly integrates with the manufacturers solution. The AccessPORT changes specific table values in order to recalibrate sensors and optimize fuel, ignition and cam phasing to generate safe and reliable power gains. Stock logic is retained so that the ECU continues to operate as the manufacturer intended. This translates into impressive power gains with all of the intelligence, sophistication and protection that the manufacturer built into the system.

In some cases the factory ECU just was not designed to support some of the functionality that enthusiasts desire. For these situations, COBB Tuning develops and tests additional logic that allows for different functionality should the user want it. This can range from implementing flat-foot shifting, launch control, MAP based tuning or disabling DTC codes, limp modes and limitation tables.

The AccessPORT delivers many features found only in a stand-alone ECU with all of the sophistication and reliability found in a factory ECU.

High performance cars are meant to be fun, but as performance increases, so does risk. The automobile manufacturers have developed data checking algorithms on their Engine Control Units (ECU) to ensure that the data held within is intact. With more and more of the vehicle's systems being controlled electronically by the ECU, including throttle control, it is increasingly important to detect corrupt data and intercede in an appropriate fashion.

COBB Tuning puts forth significant effort to maintain the factory data integrity functions of the ECU. Start-up checksums remain in place while using the AccessPORT, unlike many other reflash tuning solutions which simply zero out the checksums in order to trick the ECU without verifying data integrity.

Validating ECU data integrity is a critical component in maintaining a high degree of safety for internal engine components as well as personal safety. Consider the effects that corrupt data can have in drive-by-wire throttle control on a high horsepower car or the fueling tables in an expensive motor build and the implications are clear.

AccessPORT tuned cars retain these important safety checks as deemed necessary by the manufacturer.

Off-road motorsport racing activities do not have the same strict rules regarding engine emissions and safety warnings required for street use. The AccessPORT enables the user to turn off certain Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) related to emission controls and other warnings that can be distracting in motorsport racing environments.

Disabling the DTC's that are irrelevant in racing keeps the DTC warning lamp useful for when other more important trouble codes are found.

What's Inside The Box

Typical Performance Gains

Stage 1 (without other mods):
+30% Peak HP & +38% Peak TQ

(see requirements)

Stage 2 (with other mods):
+51% Peak HP & +55% Peak TQ

(see modification requirements)

Installation Notes

Plug and play installation! No wiring or physical alteration of the vehicle is required! Can be installed by ANYONE! Installation Difficulty: SIMPLE (No Tools, Anyone Can Install)

Complimentary or Alternate Products

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This Product Fits
(See PRICES & ORDERING tab above for clearer detail)

    Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

    This product has a 1 year Factory Warranty. Please note that due to the software nature of this product, it can not be returned for refund under any circumstances.

    Notes / Warnings


    Restore your vehicle's ECU to its original factory configuration simply by performing the Uninstall operation.

    NOTE: This product will work for one vehicle only. if you load the changed program into an ecu, the device gets locked to that car until you restore that car to stock code, then this can be used on another vehicle.

    Important Note - Occasionally an "Unrecognized ROM" will be discovered during the AccessPORT Install process. If an "Unrecognized ROM" is encountered, the user will be prompted to dump the ROM using the onboard Dump ROM tool built into the AccessPORT. Simple step-by-step instructions for dumping an "Unrecognized ROM" can be found here. The ROM is then emailed to COBB Tuning and incorporated into the firmware. COBB Tuning will make every effort to incorporate these new ROMs as quickly as possible. This process can take up to five business days. See the "Supported ROMs" Tab above for a complete list on what ROMs are currently supported.

    Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

    Installation: SIMPLE - No Tools, Anyone Can Install

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    Common Questions

    1. Question :

      What vehicles will this work on?

    2. Answer :

      The Cobb Accessport is only compatible with the following BMW's: 2008-2010 135i 2007-2010 335i, 335xi (X-Drive) 2011-2012 335is 2008-2010 535i, 535xi (X-Drive) 2010-2011 Z4i 2011 Z4is 2011 1M

    3. Question :

      Can this be used on a 2011 335d?

    4. Answer :

      I have confirmed with Cobb Tuning that the access port is not compatible with the diesel engine.

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    For BMW E82/87 135i, E90/92/93 335i, E60 535i, E89 Z4 35i (Twin Turbo N54 Engine Only)
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    $ 895
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