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Lighting - Fog & Head Lights

HID Anti-Flicker Capacitors Error Code Cancellers eliminate any flicker caused by HID Xenon lights. ... learn more
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Product Details

Product Introduction

HID Anti-Flicker Capacitors Error Code Canceller eliminate any flicker caused by HID Xenon lights.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

Anti-flicker HID capacitors are useful for vehicles that experience a flickering, or strobe effect when installing aftermarket HID kits. These capacitors are used in rare cases where your vehicle does not support aftermarket HID headlights. They will also eliminate "Bulb out" warnings or "bulb failure warnings in Mercedes, BMW and other cars.


  • Plug and Play - Easy Install

  • Eliminates Flickering and Error Codes

  • 100% Water-proof, 100% Dust-proof, 100% Shock-proof

  • Recommended for any vehicle made after 2000 model year

  • 9005/9006 Type Universal Sockets
  • Installation Notes

    Installation Difficulty: SIMPLE (No Tools, Anyone Can Install)

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      Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

      Order with confidence! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for exchange or refund. This product carries a 1 year manufacturers warranty. See our terms of sale for full details.

      Notes / Warnings

      These capacitors are electrical components and are not guaranteed to work, each vehicle is a little different and the flickering issues they are experiencing might not be corrected by these units. NOTE: Incorrect installation will void the warranty of these units.

      These HID Error Code and Anti Flicker Capacitors are used when experiencing issues with aftermarket HID Kits. The two most common issues these capacitors are designed to resolve are light flickering (stobe effect) and "bulb out" indicator lights.

      Flickering Issue: The flickering problem ocurrs when your vehicles computer perceives that the bulb has been changed and is no longer the original bulb. To troubleshoot the issue, the vehicle sends a pulse to the lights, to try to fix the issue, and that pulse of power looks like strobing or flashing to us when we see it.

      Low beam lights w/ DRL function: When your lights are in the off position a pulsed voltage flows to the factory halogen bulbs, giving off a dimmer light. When you install HID's in place of your halogen bulbs, it causes the HID capsule to flicker. The Anti Flicker Capacitors will even out the factory DRL current and put a stop to the flickering.

      Bulb Out Issue: Many newer cars have an indicator light to warn the driver if one of the headlights has burnt out. Since HID kits run on a lower wattage then normal Halogen headlights, your vehicle will detect that the headlights have burnt out. In return, this will annunciate a "Bulb Out" indicator light. While this usually does not affect the lights' function, it is a nuisance. These capacitors take place of the wattage loss, and satisfy the condition, causing the vehicle to detect that the halogen bulbs are still installed. After install, the "bulb out" indicator light will then turn off.

      Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

      Installation: SIMPLE - No Tools, Anyone Can Install

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      Common Questions

      1. Question :

        I need E90 LED Tail Light Anti-Flicker.May I use this product for tail ligt? Thanks...

      2. Answer :

        These are designed for HID/Xenon applications, not LED. If you have aftermarket taillights they should already come with error cancellers within the box. If not contact the company/manufacturer that produces the tail lights.

      3. Question :

        hi my name is johnny i am thinking of buying the Xenesis Yellow Fog Light Bulbs for bmw e93 and was wondering if i need the hid anti flicker for extra help? thank you

      4. Answer :

        You should be fine with just the bulbs, the HID Anti Flicker eliminates any flicker caused by \\\"HID Xenon lights\\\". The Xenesis Yellow Fog Light Bulbs are just halogen bulbs and the Anti Flicker would have no effect on the item.

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